Everything started with sensitive skin and the constant search for the right products, followed by the discovery of the world of plants, their properties and benefits, and how natural, eco-friendly ingredients were the solution to the sensitive skin problems of the founder of what today is called PLUME.

PLUME was born out of a set of principles that have Nature at its very core. When starting the brand we knew that these principles would serve as the guide for our products and everything that we do.

We are driven by the motto Light on nature, Natural on you, which means that we will always go the extra mile when creating natural, low-impact products. Here at PLUME, we strive to create without leaving footprints on the land, and the way we do that is, amongst other things, by using green and organic ingredients, replacing plastic packaging for more sustainable options, and leaving single-usage materials in the past.

From the ever-growing array of natural products, there are solutions for your body, your hair, and your house. Some examples are bath soaps, shampoos, and scented sachets, created with the belief that with passion and commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle we will march towards a lighter and more natural world. A better world.

Welcome to our family.