Facial Roller and Gua Sha

€35 €40

Facial Rollers and Gua Sha stone, ancient Chinese techniques, were developed specifically for facial massage and skincare, providing numerous medicinal benefits. We chose to produce our Rollers and Gua Sha Sets with Jade stone, as this is the best option to calm down and balance the nerves on your mind and skin, mitigating the stress we face in our daily lives. Beyond its minerals and energetic properties, our Jade-stone Roller and Gua Sha Set will help with blood circulation, reduce inflammation, renew cells and consequently help draining facial fluids.

Cold to the touch, its relaxing and toning effect is immediate, reducing muscle tension while bringing light and liveliness back to your skin. You can use the creams or oils that you use in your daily skincare routine while massaging your face, as it will enhance the absorption of their properties, thus magnifying the attenuation of wrinkles and fine lines of your face. You should always be careful when cleaning the stone in the after use. Make sure to place them in a cool place as well. For more visible results we recommend using the Jade-stone Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set daily.


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