Ana had the idea to create PLUME while traveling around the world. Born to a Mozambican father and an Angolan mother, she grew up around different traditions and customs. Inspired by this multicultural rich environment, somewhere between flights, she found her true passion - creating products with the best nature has to offer. She educated herself in herbalism and natural cosmetics, and started creating a new line of products with the motto, Light on Nature, Natural on You. A slogan that sums up the values upon which the brand was built. That's how Plume Organic Care was born. All products are 100% natural, plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free. Where all production stages follow rigorous eco-friendly procedures. Therefore, with PLUME’s creation, Ana is committed to offer the best care for your body, hair and home through natural products, with the best nature has to offer.

Welcome to our family.