Already known in many households, a solid shampoo bar is a product that still brings curiosity and many questions. As you don’t commonly see it on supermarket shelves, this sort of product is yet to be discovered by the great masses.

So let’s clear some things up.

A solid shampoo bar is, as the name mentions, a shampoo, in a solid format and it is thus used to wash and care for your scalp and hair. It looks like soap but contains all characteristics, qualities, and ingredientes of a shampoo, that are essential for the good care of your hair. However, by leaving the old ways behind and moving away from the liquid format, we also move away from all the unnecessary and harmful disposable packaging.

The solid format comes to disrupt the market, as we’ll no longer need the usual and excessive quantities of plastic which we buy in our day-to-day lives. As an exercise, think of how many bottles of liquid shampoo you bought from the start of this year -- it’s a lot.

Shampoo bars came to the rescue, and it’s time to say goodbye to the old ways.

Here at Plume, we wanted to take our approach one step further, so we combined this new format with 100% organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients to make our new shampoo bars.

This way, using the shampoo bars, there is no waste, as you apply the shampoo directly on your head in circular movements, which makes it easy to know when the right amount has been applied. For this reason, we estimate that our shampoo bars will last, on average, for 50 washes, which is double the amount a normal liquid shampoo does.

While taking good care of our environment in creating solid shampoo bars instead of liquid shampoo, we also take care of nature by using 100% chemical-free ingredients.

We put a lot of effort and care in all of our products, making sure that they will benefit all different types of hair, and the way we do that is by using plants, vegetal oil and moisturizing essentials for more balanced care of your scalp and the health and nutrition of your hair.

Our shampoos do not contain parabens, sulfates, silicone, salt, or any other ingredient that could be harmful to your health, our nature, and our environment.

Love, Plume.