Exfoliating your skin should be a part of your weekly body care routine. Do you know why?

In addition to providing deep cleansing and removing residues that naturally accumulate over time due to external factors leaving your skin dull and opaque, a weekly scrubbing habit will also make sure that specific properties in products such as soaps, oils, butter, creams, and serums, will be absorbed more efficiently by your skin, increasing the benefits of each product you use.

The exfoliation habit is advised to all skin types. It should be done twice a week for dry or mature skin types, and once a week for more sensitive skins. This is a great way to ensure the brightness and smoothness of your skin.

Having knowledge of all of these benefits we had to create our own body scrub and, as usual, we used all-natural ingredients to produce the best possible result. We combined the nourishing and moisturizing powers of the Cocoa Butter with the unique detoxifying properties of the pink salt of the Himalayas for perfectly balanced skin exfoliation. This way, while the friction of the Himalayas salt will cleanse your skin and remove unwanted residues, the vegetable oil will be taking care of your skin's renovation and healing.

We decided to create a solid body scrub not only for its exfoliative capabilities but also in order to provide you with a relaxing and pleasurable weekly experience.

All products created by Plume follow the same principles, which means they need to be of great quality and low-impact for the environment. Therefore, by choosing a solid format, we are also making sure that, once more, all of our products and packaging are chemical-free and eco-friendly as we do not use any plastic or disposable materials.

We continue loyal to our motto Light on Nature. Natural on You.