Here are our scented sachets, thoughtfully created from the purest products to offer you the most natural way to take care of your home.

Here at Plume we create naturally produced products for your body and for your home. That is why we’ve developed a set of aromas, all of them carefully planned according to aromatherapy principles, thus changing your environment through your scent.

Amongst the different aromas, you’ll find some that are revigorating and energizing, such as Jasmine, which is the ideal scent for work environments, where you not only need to focus but also would benefit from the extra push to help your productivity. You will also find calming aromas, such as Lavender, ideal for your bedroom, providing you with a calmer and more peaceful night of sleep. There is also our Wild Roses, a comforting aroma of roses that will make you feel like you’re taking a walk in the countryside, or Amber, an exotic and oriental fragrance, ideal for living rooms and entrance halls, as it will remind you of places you have once visited creating this way a comfortable feeling.

In this large set of aromas, you will find the one that best suits you and your home.

Everything Plume does it does consciously, for this reason, we created our scented sachets in the most sustainable and natural way possible. Thus, we used only pure essential oils in the development of our aromas and, for the absorption of our oils we are using Sago (also known as tapioca pearls), hence making possible the durability of the aroma of each sachet in an ecologically-friendly way.

Once more we have gone the extra mile to be Light On Nature, Natural On You, the very motto we stand by. When you use one of our scented sachets you can be sure that in no stage of the production there were any chemical additives, so you can enjoy the most natural aroma for your home whilst having the least impact on nature.