The passion for organic products started way before PLUME. I’ve always had sensitive skin and the search for the ideal product for me was always constant in my life. I couldn’t tell how many products I have tried, but I finally found the perfect combination in naturally produced products.

During the long and tedious process of searching for the right products, I was faced with important decisions, such as which sort of ingredients to use or avoid using. That’s when I understood how shallow my understanding of the problem was, and I decided to dig deeper and broaden my knowledge in herbalism, which led me to discover a whole world of organic, plant-based ingredients and their benefits.

In my studies, through courses and books, I had a breakthrough -- the way the plants are cultivated would end up dictating whether a plant-based product would be good or harmful to my skin.  I realized, then, that I couldn’t create a good product without making sure that the way the plants were cultivated were chemical-free from the very start. That’s when I found out about Permaculture.

Permaculture is more than a cultivation form. It is a social and environmental science that blends cultural and scientific knowledge. It is essentially ruled by three norms: taking care of the land, taking care of the people and sharing surpluses, which leads to careful planning before the plantation, while keeping in mind that the land is a living entity, and therefore needs to be taken care of and respected accordingly. The way we do that is by using its soil sustainably, taking only what’s essential and making sure that all its necessities are well-considered, in a conscious and deliberate effort to ensure the continuation of future cultures and, finally, shared surpluses.

It is then from chemical-free lands that PLUME was born.

All of our products have an organic origin, no matter if they come from one of our producing partners or if we cultivated them ourselves. It is of utmost importance to us that they are not harmful to the lands which they came from, that the producing process is chemical-free and that we bring to you the best possible, most eco-friendly and Nature-focused product.

Welcome to our family.