Light on Nature, Natural on You

PLUME was born out of a set of principles that have Nature at its very core. When starting the brand we knew that these principles would serve as the guide for our products and everything that we do.

The world we live in today leads us to believe that our resources are inexhaustible. It gives the illusion that our excessive consumption has no impact whatsoever in the environment we inhabit and that single-use items made out of recyclable materials are somehow self-sustainable. Well, they are not.

Here at PLUME, we are driven by the motto Light on nature, Natural on you, which means that we will always go the extra mile when creating natural, low-impact products. We strive to create without leaving footprints on the land, and the way we do that is, amongst other things, by using green and organic ingredients, replacing plastic packaging for more sustainable options, and leaving single-usage materials in the past.

Due to our commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, it was paramount for us to create products based on our core values, such as not using chemicals or products of animal origin. This is why, at PLUME, all of our products are 100% organic, plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free.

We are naturalists because we believe in what Nature gives us. We believe in the properties of our plants, in the purity of our organic ingredients and, above all, the quality of what Nature provides.

Welcome to our family.