Using a conditioner after washing your hair is a process that should be part of your daily routine.

While the shampoo provides you with a deep cleaning of your hair and scalp by opening the cuticles of the hair fiber, which leaves the internal structure of your hairline exposed to external damage, the conditioner’s main goal is to close these hair cuticles, which will protect your hair from outer aggression and will keep the hair from breaking and forming split ends and at the same time, maintaining your hair healthy, shiny, silky, and hydrated.

Beyond closing your hair cuticles, which will create a protection layer, conditioner usage also increases the efficiency of all products you might use on your hair daily, such as serums or masks.

With that said, using a good conditioner will bring the perfect softness to your hair and will allow you to brush your hair frictionlessly.

Plume makes three different types of conditioners and since you use them only on the tip of your hair, there is no risk of increasing greasiness, however, we wanted to create products of different properties that would be better for different types of hair, such as dry, greasy, or mixed. With the combination of green and essential oils, each product is uniquely designed for a specific kind of hair.

Not only have we thought about different characteristics of hair types, we also kept our focus on keeping our environmental footprint as low as possible, and for that, we developed our conditioners in a solid format as opposed to liquid, so that there is no need for disposable packaging, just as we did with our shampoo bars.

The best way to use it, is much like our shampoo bars, avoiding in this case the scalp area. Let the conditioner do its work and rinse it out until you make sure the product has been completely removed.

We are also concerned with ensuring that all products have a controlled origin and production process and that once again they are 100% natural. This way, when using Plume’s conditioner, you will benefit from natural hair care while, at the same time, protecting our Nature from chemical products.

All of the products we’ve developed until this day and will develop in the future follow the same principle: Light on Nature, Natural on You.

Discover the conditioner that’s most suitable for you.