Body Butter Bar

We at Plume started by crafting organic self-care products in solid format and soon realized that your skin needed (and deserved) an extra help for a more intensive soothing care, and that was the main reason behind the search for a product that not only would be the final piece of a well-moisturized skin, but also that would fit well into our existing sustainable recipes and motto.

That’s when our solid Frangipani and Bergamot Body Butter Bar came to life.

By carefully picking the right ingredients, our moisturizing bar contains the right components to help with your skincare, such as Cocoa & Shea Butter, and Babassu oils, which will nurse and protect your skin. The high concentration of antioxidants will bring back the freshness and healthy smoothness your skin so well deserves.

The warm water along with all products used during your normal bath will, over time, remove essential and naturally produced fat. A well-crafted moisturizing product will develop a protective barrier against that effect, simply by daily massaging the bar against your skin.

With a delicate floral aroma, our Body Butter Bar was created for dry skins and can be used not only after your shower but at any time during the day where you feel like your skin could use a refresher.

By using the solid format you’ll not only keep your skin cared for and at its best, but you’ll also contribute to reducing all plastic waste created by disposable packaging used in liquid creams.

Let the the fragance of our Body Butter Bar soothe your senses while, at the same time, taking care of our enviroment during your skincare routine.